Mexican-Inspired Recipes

Crunchwrap Supreme with Homemade Vegan Cheese Sauce served in a bowl with cheese dip sauce.
Francesca (@plantifullybased)

Crunchwrap Supreme with Homemade Vegan Cheese Sauce

Veganized version of the classic and infamous crunchwraps! Made with vegan ground beef, homemade vegan cheese sauce, vegan sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce and of course crunchy chips. The perfect meal for when you are craving something fun.

Crispy Bang Bang Cauliflower Tacos recipe served on a plate with dips.
Alex (@plantbased.traveler)

Crispy Bang Bang Cauliflower Tacos

Celebrate Taco Tuesday with the most delicious, baked Crispy Bang Bang Cauliflower Tacos! Cheesy, crunchy, savory, a little sweet and a little spicy, and just super yum!

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme
Hannah (@twospoons.ca)

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme

This vegan crunchwrap supreme is fully loaded! Made with homemade vegan queso, vegan “ground meat,” crunchy tortilla, lettuce, salsa, tomatoes and avocado.

Vegan Birria Tacos
Ashley (@eat_figs_not_pigs)

Vegan Birria Tacos

Vegan Birria Tacos with slow cooked consommé. Because dipping your tacos in a rich and hearty sauce is just better than eating them on their own.

Easy 4 Bean Veggie Chili
Sara (@betterfoodguru)

Easy 4 Bean Veggie Chili

This 4 bean chili recipe sneaks in all the fiber and vitamins by blending the vegetables before cooking so they break down and are almost undetectable.

Easy Poblano Corn Salad recipe served in a bowl.
Bijan & Gabe (@livinlaveganlife)

Easy Poblano Corn Salad

Our Poblano Corn Salad is packed with nutrients that give us that mid-day boost to carry on throughout our day!

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Burritos
Megan Calipari (@earthlyprovisions)

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Burritos

The best feature of these Buffalo Cauliflower Rice Burritos with Ranch and Guac is that they only take 30 minutes to make. The perfect weeknight dinner. And I’m pretty confident that they will make it into your weekly dinner rotation.

Vegan Cauliflower Walnut Tacos
Alexis (@pureandplantbased)

Vegan Cauliflower Walnut Tacos

Plant-based, vegan taco meat that is packed with nutrients. Made with cauliflower, walnuts, potatoes, and some hidden vegetables. Great for taco Tuesday!

Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas recipe served on plate.
Hannah Sunderani (@twospoons.ca)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas

This dish is so fiery and comforting. Made with black beans and sweet potato, rolled in whole-wheat flour tortillas and smothered in scrumptious homemade enchilada sauce. Then drizzled with a refreshing vegan avocado-lime crema.

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Good Old Vegan inspires you to discover tasty vegan food! Plant-based cuisine is delicious and the benefits are endless. Not only are plants the more ethical option, choosing vegan also leaves a smaller footprint on our planet!

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