Vegetable Uttapam (South Indian Savory Pancakes)

Vegetable Uttapam (Savory Pancakes)

My favorite form of savory pancakes. The crispy edges, soft center, tangy flavor & the crunch from the veggies makes this a satisfying, filling breakfast. I make them with leftover dosa batter.

The batter is easy to make – just requires a bit of time & planning, but once it is ready, you can use it to make “idli”, “dosa”, “utappam” & can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days.

Vegetable Uttapam (Savory Pancakes)

Vegetable Uttapam (South Indian Savory Pancakes)

My favorite form of savory pancakes. The crispy edges, soft center, tangy flavor & the crunch from the veggies makes this a satisfying, filling breakfast.
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Total Time: 1 hour
Course: Appetizer, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack
Cuisine: Indian-Inspired
Keyword: Plant-Based, Recipe, Vegan
Author: Anusha
Servings: 4


For the batter

  • 3 cups short grain rice ideally idli rice
  • 1 cup urad dal split husked black gram lentils
  • Salt (about 2 tsp)

For the vegetable utappam

  • Dosa/utappam batter recipe below
  • Some chopped veggies onions, tomatoes, bell peppers
  • Chopped cilantro if you like
  • oil as needed


Steps for the batter

  • Rinse uncooked rice & lentils separately, under water. Soak the rice & lentils in water in two separate bowls for about 5 hours
  • Transfer the lentils to a high speed blender & grind to make a smooth batter, using just enough water that the lentils were soaked in, to get a fluffy batter
  • Transfer this to a large bowl
  • Now add the soaked rice to the blender & process until smooth, using enough soaking water to make a reasonably smooth batter
  • Add the blended rice to the large bowl with the blended lentil and mix the batter well.
  • It should be like a smooth pancake batter
  • Keep it covered in a warm place to ferment for about 5-6 hours or until you notice the batter has doubled in quantity.
  • Once the batter has doubled, & appears bubbly on the surface, stir in salt. Use the batter to make dosa, idli, utappam

For the vegetable utappam

  • Heat a non-stick/cast iron skillet over medium, brush oil over it. Sprinkle some water over the skillet, if it sizzles & evaporates right away, it is ready for the batter.
  • Pour 3/4 cup of batter on to it
  • Sprinkle a mixture of finely chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, bell pepper on top
  • Pour a tiny amount of oil around it, if needed. As it cooks, you will see bubbles start to form in the batter. After about a minute, carefully flip it over using a spatula & continue cooking another 3 minutes, or until they don’t stick to the pan, golden brown and appear cooked

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