7 Best Vegan Protein Bars of 2024

If you are looking for quick and easy sources of protein as a vegan, protein bars can be one of your best options. The best organic vegan protein bars are packed with nutrients like fiber and healthy fats, making them a great choice for on-the-go snacking and a healthy diet.

With so many options available, it might be tough to choose. We’re here to guide you through finding the perfect plant-based protein bar to fit your taste and nutritional needs.
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Our best picks

      1. Best Overall: ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Bars

      1. Best Value: PureFit Vegan Protein Bars

      1. Best for Keto Diets: IQBAR Brain and Body Plant Protein Bars

      1. Best for Weight Loss: 100 CAL SNACKS

      1. Best Protein Source: No Cow High Protein Bars

      1. Best Ingredients: Real Food Plant Based Bars

      1. Best Texture: NuGo Dark Pretzel and Sea Salt

    What makes a good protein bar?

    As we tested numerous protein bars from a variety of brands, we found it incredibly difficult to name a single bar “the best.” Some bars were delicious, yet contained hardly enough protein even to be considered a protein bar. Some bars had stellar-looking nutrition labels but tasted far from desirable.

    The best protein bars cover all bases. They should ideally have organic ingredients with limited added sugars and artificial sweeteners. They should also have enough protein to help you meet your ideal daily protein consumption(0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight). But most of all, they should taste good enough to encourage you to eat more!

    Our Favorite Vegan Protein Bar: ALOHA

    ALOHA’s bars are highly recommended among consumers- and it’s no surprise. Their bars stand out as our favorites for their unmatched texture, taste, ingredients, and wealth of flavors! From all of our testing, there was zero dispute that the ALOHA Bars are a clear winner.

    The Best Value Protein Bar: PureFit

    Costing only $9 for 6 bars and 120 grams of protein, PureFit bars have earned our spot as the best value bars. Although they may be cheap, don’t mistake the low price for low quality! We thoroughly enjoyed the taste, chewy texture, and flavors that PureFit had to offer.

    The Best Keto Protein Bar: IQBAR

    In terms of Keto protein bars, IQBARS are your best choice by far. They contain essential nutrients for brain and digestive health while having a mouth-watering selection of flavors! If you are planning on purchasing these, make sure to try their lemon blueberry flavor. You won’t be disappointed.

    The Best Protein Bar for Weight Loss: 100 CAL SNACKS

    It’s in the name – these bars contain a mere 100 calories each! It’s also worth noting that they only contain 5 grams of protein per bar, however, they are a great source of other essential nutrients for your weight-loss journey.

    The Best Protein Source Bar: No Cow

    With a whopping 21 grams of protein per bar, No Cow bars take our spot as the best protein source. They are also low in sugar and high in fiber, which makes them an excellent dietary complement. Note: our favorite flavor was Cookies ‘N Cream.

    The Best Ingredient Protein Bar: Real Food Bars

    When reading the Real Food Bars nutrition label, you will notice that they have ingredients that you can actually pronounce! If you are ever intimidated by the complex ingredients that most other protein bars have, Real Food Bars are your best alternative!

    The Best Texture Protein Bar: NuGo

    Of all of the protein bars we have reviewed, NuGo’s Dark Pretzel and Sea Salt has the best texture, hands down. They are crunchy on the inside, and have a similar consistency to Rice Krispies. These bars are like a cheat meal, except healthy!

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