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We answer your most common questions about veganism on our ‘Why Vegan?‘ page.

Posts we share on Instagram and Facebook often include a recipe. So if a recipe is available, we mention it’s location in the description of that post. In most cases it is featured here on goodoldvegan.com, directly available in the description of that post or on the creators personal website.

Yes, you can! When you post vegan food to instagram, make sure to include the hashtag #goodoldvegan and tag @goodoldvegan in the image.

Posts that stand out get featured. No matter the type of food (as long as it’s vegan) or the size of your profile.

In most cases we will contact you. Besides that you are also free to directly submit recipes to us.

Please send an email to info@goodoldvegan.com if you like to have your recipe featured on the website. Iclude the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Instagram username
  • 1 or more photo’s of the recipe
  • The vegan recipe (including recipe title, serving size, preparation time, ingredients and instructions)
  • Optional: the url to your website
Thank you, and good luck!

Yes you can! At Good Old Vegan we happily collaborate with people, brands and companies that relate to veganism or produce plant-based products.

Please reach out to us through the contact page.

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