Side dish Recipes

Sticky Cashew Tofu recipe served on a plate with rice and broccoli.
Verna (@veganhungrybanana)

Sticky Cashew Tofu

Sticky cashew tofu. Kinda like cashew chicken, except not. Because of the way that the tofu is coated in cornflour and then drenched in sauce, the texture actually kinda resembles chicken.. at least for me anyway!

Garlic Sesame Bok Choy recipe served on a plate.
Moon (@foodpassionical)

Garlic Sesame Bok Choy

This bok choy is recipe so crisp, fresh and delicious that surely will be your new favourite side dish. It is also perfect with a bowl of rice.

Nori Teriyaki Tofu Sticks recipe served on a plate with rice.
Verna (@vernahungrybanana)

Nori Teriyaki Tofu Sticks

This crispy teriyaki tofu wrapped in nori seaweed is such an umami bomb, and that perfect texture with the seaweed… If you’ve never liked tofu, try this and let me change your mind!

Orzo with Roasted Chickpeas recipe served in a large bowl.
Janet (@janetsmunchmeals)

Orzo with Roasted Chickpeas

Orzo with Roasted Chickpeas is a light yet hearty side or main dish that delivers on bold flavors like lemon and fresh parsley.

Vegan Winter Orzo Salad recipe served in a bowl with avacado.
Sara Tercero (@betterfoodguru)

Vegan Winter Orzo Salad

Wintery pasta salad with orzo, Dino kale, dill, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, radishes and crispy chickpeas! All simple dressed in olive oil, lemon, mandarin vinegar, salt and pepper.

Miso Glazed Tofu recipe served in a bowl with rice and veggies.
Anna Rios (@healthysimpleyum)

Miso Glazed Tofu

This savory Miso Glazed Tofu has quickly become our new favorite! It is savory, sweet, sticky, crispy, and basically an umami bomb in your mouth.

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