Asian-Inspired Recipes

Creamy Curry Ramen Bowl recipe served in a bowl with spoon.
WoonHeng (@woon.heng)

Creamy Curry Ramen Bowl

The noodles’ amazing chewy & silky texture makes you want to slurp up the whole bowl.

Tempeh Marinara with Rice served on a plate with spoon.
Amy (@nourishing.amy)

Tempeh Marinara with Rice

Crumbled tempeh in a rich marinara tomato sauce with olives served with rice and fresh herbs, this recipe is naturally vegan, gluten-free and healthy.

Kung Pao Tempeh recipe displayed in a bowl with chopsticks.
Hannah (@hannah__chia)

Kung Pao Tempeh

“Kung pao” is a Sichuanese dish, traditionally made with cubed chicken, but I’ve learned to make it with both oyster mushrooms and tofu in China.

Thai Basil Chili Tofu recipe displayed in a bowl with chopsticks.
WoonHeng (@woon.heng)

Thai Basil Chili Tofu

Thai basil chili tofu, anyone? This finger-licking good dish might be your next go-to quick meal

Vegan Spiral Curry Puffs
Moon Lai (@foodpassionical)

Vegan Spiral Curry Puffs

One of Asia’s most famous snacks! This recipe incorporates two types of dough which makes these spiral curry puffs so incredibly crispy and flaky.

Vegan Singapore Noodles recipe displayed in a bowl with chopsticks
Eden (@veganbyeden)

Vegan Singapore Noodles

This Singapore Noodle dish is super quick and easy to make. It’s the perfect bite for when you have limited time.

Enoki Mushroom Pancakes displayed on a plate with a dipping sauce included.
Seyran (@legallyplantbased)

Enoki Mushroom Pancakes

You’ll love these Enoki Mushroom Pancakes as they are perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside!

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